About The Procedure Guide

The Procedure Guide was launched to provide a modern, practical learning resource for proceduralists. Below you’ll find some details about navigating content.

But we also encourage you to learn about who we are, the bigger goal of this site, and to help us reach that goal.

The guides on the site try to balance academic/formal training with more practical/real-world considerations as best as possible. There may be techniques not presented here that can be better or worse depending on the situation, and we encourage you to incorporate the info here into other training that you receive.

Quick Guides

Some of our full procedure guides now have quick guides. Check out a few of them here to breeze though the highlights.

Full Procedure Guides

This site is mostly a collection of procedure guides. Some of them have quick guides (like the ones above), but the full guides have more detail. They’re all accessible from the top menu:

Basics – This section contains common foundational knowledge that is useful before you look at specific procedure guides.

Specialties/Procedures – Articles are split up into various specialties/menus.

Each article is focused on one procedure with technique description and sample images. The articles generally focus on one technique and the basics so you can develop a strong foundation.

Sample Opnote Templates – This isn’t it’s own section, but each article tries to include a link to a sample opnote. Writing good/thorough operative reports can be time consuming and take time to refine. We help you get a head start with templates that have been refined over years and contain many of the basics that you’ll need.

Sample Images – We try to include relevant sample images in all our articles. You’ll also see samples in the right sidebar on any page and can simply browse sample images here.

So, start looking around! Also, we’d love to hear from you, good or bad; We want to make this site as useful as possible.

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