About The Procedure Guide

The Procedure Guide was created with the goal of providing a modern learning environment for proceduralists.

Everything here is driven by a goal to provide practical, real-world information. As such, the site itself is minimalist, with a focus on fast publication and iterative improvements. We will keep making small refinements and additions to make The Procedure Guide as thorough and complete as possible over time.


All our articles can be found in the main navigation at the top of any page:

Basics– This covers common foundational knowledge that is useful for understanding the more advanced topics under Procedures

Procedures – Various articles outlining a simple/practical review of the procedure with technique description and sample images. Many techniques exist for these procedures. These articles are designed to give at least one practical approach while still helping you to understand foundational knowledge that would be useful for any other techniques that you might choose.

Sample Opnote Templates – Writing good/thorough operative reports can be time consuming and take several iterations to refine. We help you get a head start with templates that have been refined over years and contain many of the basics that you’ll need.

Sample Images – This isn’t it’s own section, but we try to include sample images throughout any relevant articles. We will keep adding more, so as to create a library of images that you can learn from.

So, start looking around! Also, we’d love to hear from you, good or bad; We want to make this site as useful as possible.