We have various contributors who all work together with the shared goal of providing practical, accessible information to practitioners. We each focus on slightly different readers. We’re always looking for other people who would like to help reach this goal and help us reach readers in other specialties. There are even some opportunities to get paid to write certain articles.

Feel free to contact us if you’re interested.

Rohit Puranik, MD

Anesthesiology | Pain Management | Venous Medicine

Rohit is the founder and primary editor of TheProcedureGuide. Here to help coordinate other people’s contributions and always looking to make the site more useful for it’s users.

Keerthi Prasad TheProcedureGuide Contributor

Keerthi Prasad, MD

Interventional Radiology

Keerthi has extensive experience in starting and managing outpatient interventional facilities and creating ways to offer fast, safe, and effective outpatient vascular and advanced spine procedures.

Kajal Puranik MD TheProcedureGuide Contributor

Kajal Puranik, MD

Family Medicine

Kajal is familiar with teaching residents and students and performing procedures under the demands of a busy outpatient facility. She focuses on office based procedures and input that would help general providers still benefit from highly technical articles.

Jennifer Tram​ TheProcedureGuide Contributor

Jennifer Tram

MS4, UC San Diego
Upcoming PM&R Resident, UCLA

Jennifer is the first med student to join. She has contributed to various articles and blog posts and guides new features primarily for students.

Farhan Lakhani​ TheProcedureGuide Contributor

Farhan Lakhani

MS3, Medical College of Georgia

Farhan has brought another med student perspective to help make advanced technical articles accessible to students and contribute to content directly benefiting students.