About Advertising

TPG was started with the goal of providing excellent, practical, and free procedure related information for practicing physicians.

This site is mostly built/run by volunteers’ time and expertise. But there are some unavoidable costs such as hosting, website tools, hired technical work, etc. Even these costs are mostly covered by voluntary donations.

To support these costs we display some ads on the site. We use these guidelines to ensure that TPG sticks to it's primary goals:
  1. Ads are clearly marked and separate from primary content.
  2. We try to keep them out of the way and do not litter any page with ads.
  3. Ads/Advertisers never influence the content of the site. They are only allowed dedicated ad space and the content within that ad space remains separate from the primary content.
  4. Personal information that you send to us (such as surveys, etc.) is never, under any circumstance, relayed to any other organization or advertiser.
  5. 100% of ad revenue is used to support site operations or fund growth of content that would be useful to our readers. It is not used as profits for the site or it’s contributors.

Questions? Suggestions? Ads in the way or problematic for some reason? Reach out to us below!