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This project was inspired by clinicians’ real world experience:

A lack of practical, procedure focused material during training.

This, in turn, is part of a larger problem in medical education:

Impractical, closed off, and expensive teaching tools/resources that don't leverage the benefits of modern technology. We want to fix that.

We sincerely hope the information on the site proves to be a useful and educational resource for providers.

This requires the effort and input of many people, along with constant refinement. So, it isn't a perfect resource, but we'll always work towards perfection. To do this we welcome constructive, positive guidance from readers. 

Even more, we welcome contributors. We want to leverage modern tools and formats to deliver free resources that are of higher caliber than what’s found in traditional resources. We don’t know how to do all that without smart contributors.

Let us know if you want to contribute your time and ideas to help deliver high quality education around the world.